Employee Onboarding

Onboarding training is the process of getting learners up to speed with their new responsibilities and familiar with company culture, from new hire training to new leader training and beyond. Like any training program, onboarding training is a journey, not an event. Successful onboarding training connects with new employees to increase their productivity and efficiency while enriching the whole workforce.

At Tuxedo Funding Group, LLC onboarding is a learning experience that leads new hires on a journey to full competency and integration into company culture.

Effective onboarding increases employee engagement by more than 20%.

– Focus Groups


Award-winning Content

An award-winning onboarding course was built for an industrial food group to improve new leaders’ technical and leadership skills. The training empowers them to succeed through challenges, resources, insight, and support.

Technology that Scales

A scalable learning platform was delivered to a large franchise to organize, deliver, and track the extensive training curriculum for the entire organization with individual learning paths for each employee.

Training with Impact

A digital training program was designed to impact retention rates for a network marketing skin care leader. This optional training was completed by 75% of the very diverse and widely dispersed audience.

What Can Tuxedo Funding Group, LLC Do to Help Your Company?

  • Analyze your current training program to identify and determine what is needed to speed time to competency, increase retention, and boost engagement.
  • Propose a solution that will tailor the experience to specific employee roles, company culture, and business goals.
  • Elevate your content to be more personal, experiential, immersive, and motivational.
  • Create components to build micro-habits, instill values, and shape on-the-job behaviors.


New Hire Training

One of the most critical milestones for an employee comes directly after the initial hiring process. This is the moment when sharing your vision and culture with new employees puts them on the path to lasting success. Achieving that goal requires a partner that brings breadth and depth of innovation, capability, and the credibility to the design and deployment of those training solutions. That’s where Tuxedo Funding Group, LLC comes in. Learn more.

Leadership Training

Tuxedo Funding Group, LLC has the experience and expertise to help you build customized training solutions for leaders at all levels, from first-time supervisors to senior executives. Our design experts will work with you to develop leadership training aligned to the unique needs of your organization.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is not just about presenting information to employees and getting them back to work as quickly as possible. This training needs to help employees think about the issues involved and discover how they can apply the principles to their daily activities. To accomplish this successfully requires a partner that brings innovation, scale, and credibility to the design and deployment of any training solution.
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Systems Training

Whether you’re transitioning to a new system or just want to improve employee performance with your current operations, we can help. Tuxedo Funding Group, LLC has the experience, tools, and expertise to create a custom solution that will meet your unique business needs and goals. Let us help you boost your employees’ expertise and performance through systems training so that you can reap the benefits—in better efficiency, data, and returns—for years to come.
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Brand Training

As the old adage goes—you only get one chance to make a good first impression. We know how to get your brand attributes instilled across your organization. We’ve helped launch many brand initiatives that have touched tens of thousands of employees.
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